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Mariacarla "Example of Health Care Excellence"

I want to refer my experience with the Plastic Surgery Equipe IRMA at Sant'Andrea Hospital in Rome. I underwent to a post-mastectomy breast reconstruction last 3rd March. I was impressed by professionalism, competence and kindness either from the chief Prof. Santanelli, then from Dr. Paolini, Dr. Longo and Dr. Angelini. Inspite of difficulties related to the procedure (Reconstruction with Latissimus Dorsi) and others occurred subsequently, probably due to drawbacks from chemotherapy I underwent one year agò, I alwayse felt safe in good hands, with a perfect, professional and warm care. I do consider this an example of of real Health Care excellence, not only for the highest competence but for the humanity of the phisicians I dealt with.

Taken from www.qsalute.it

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