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Rossana - Emotions

Good evening Prof. Santanelli, one more year (6 total) has passed by, and one more time on Christmas I'm pleased to wish my best feelings to you and your family. My respect for for you is neverending!

I'm pleased to send you, as a Christmas gift, one of my last poem, hoping you will enjoy it:


I was walking without a destination
a difficult itinerary, without warm.
Frozen body from cold
drag from wind.
Then at the skyline a sun appeared
that slowly, slowly came to warm me.
Sweet feeling to find again the heat
and let you sweetly be crudle.
Suddently a new sky opens,
my poor wounded shadow
again palpitate,
a new universe I did not know,
was riding me down.
I want to stop the time,
but it escaped,
I was small drop
could not stop the sea,
but too large
to be satisfyied of a little.

My best. Rossana

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