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Laura....Thank you to Prof. Fabio Santanelli, whose "technologic" hands.....

Dear gentleman, good morning.

Who is writing is a woman that, exactley two years agò, passed for the first time the Sant'Andrea gate; following a battle against the Disease, tired, afraid, unhopeful but, an adjective among all: MUTILATED. Who is writing is a woman that, today, has found againg faith and joy to live with the perception of being again a "normal" person. The way was long and painful but the luck of this woman, my luck, has been to pass that gate: GROUND FLOOR - ROOM 5, the outpatient clinic of Dr. Renzi, professional and very kind, assisted by the sweet nurse, Miss Lucia. Today after two years and three surgical procedures, have the will, or the duty to say THANK YOU.

Thank you to Prof. Fabio Santanelli, whose technologic hands, miraculous I would say, gave me back what tha unfair fate, the Disease, stolen from me at only 40 years old. Stearing me at the mirrow and thinking at "before" and today, I do not realyze how, from a man hands can come out similar prodigious.

Thank you to Dr. Luca Renzi and Dr. Guido Paolini, always kind and at the same time professional, excellent combination of technique and humanity. Thank you to Dr.Matteo Amoroso, that the first night after surgery remained hours sitting beside me monitoring my blood pressure at worrysome low level. Thank you to Dr. Michael Sorotos, highly educated and lovely to relate with patients. Thank you to Dr. Brando Costantino, thank you to Dr. Antonella Fiorillo, thank you to Dr. Marco Pagnoni.

I hope I did not forget anybody and, if it happen, is only a forgetfulness, because such wonderful equipe, Prof. Santanelli staff is entirely composed by serious professionists, competent, human and comprehensive.

Unfortunatly other women are fighting and will fight my same battle, with the same pain, humiliations and frustrations that follows. Well, to these women, I whish to end up "into the hands" of doctors skillful in technique and heart, as it happens to me, because thank to them they will smile again.



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