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Gabriella ...I am slowly taking my body back...

Dear Prof. F. Santanelli di Pompeo,

I just came back to work after a two months recovery. I feel much better now, the left breast shows less edema and is beginning to look much more like the other breast. My abdomen is less tense, I removed the elastic band and I am slowly taking my body back. I have some physical wounds, but my spirit, my soul are unharmed. I am grateful, as I have been able to overcome a critical moment of my life and that of my family, thanks to your skills and expertise. I want to thank you and your excellent team again for your generosity and understanding.
During my admission at your Plastic Surgery Unit at Sant’Andrea Hospital, I was carefully assisted and continuously monitored. I didn’t have any post-operative complications, all procedures were thoroughly respected, I am really happy.
In the hospital where I practice, I was welcomed back with love, affection and much surprise, curiosity. My colleagues look at me, they stare at my cleavage, and nothing has changed! I look fine, and when I explain the complex and sophisticated operation I underwent, everyone is astonished and speechless! I will meet with my senologist in a few days, and perhaps also with my plastic surgeon, they are very much looking forward to seeing me.
Dear Professor, words cannot describe how grateful I am, all I can say is thank you again, thank you from the heart.


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