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Valeria "...allowed me not to feel maimed"

Dear friends of the Sant'Andrea Hospital, I felt I had to write you a letter... so here I am.

My trip with you started back in 2007, thanks to the outstanding professor Amanti, who brought me to your attention after a short but traumatic research of the best healthcare center...

I have been hosted by your center six times and, despite the unpleasantness of being diseased, operated, etc..., every time I step into the Sant'Andrea Hospital I do it with a smile on my face. This because besides competence and professionalism, I found so much humanity and benevolence, and for this I thank you. To receive smiles, love, helpfullness, kindness (sometimes even kisses and hugs), changes so much the perception and endurance of the patient.... (in particular my bad relationship with needles or my “friendship” with bloodsuckers, thanks to my angels Rossana and Matteo who used to apply them on me, have all been more bearable).

Naturally I can do nothing else than thank you just because I am alive (one of my high-school friends died from breast cancer in 2003, at 33 years of age), and because I trust MY onchologist (yes, I am possessive!) Dr. Pellegrini, with her eyes made of pieces of blue sky.

And what about the modern and extraordinary reconstruction technique (thank you, sublime Prof Santanelli) that allowed me not to feel maimed and to keep working as nothing has happened... I attach 2 pictures (“before” and “after” and I dare anybody to notice anything)

So, there are many persons I would like to heartily thank (Dr. Paolini with his sense of humour, Dr. Renzi for his politeness, Pierfrancesco, Giuseppe, Mrs. Lucia and all the others)... THANKS! Even if I didn't mention your name, if we ever came in touch (therefore you have received this mail), thank you.

With love


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