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Maria Teresa "professionalism and spirit of cooperation..."

More and more often it is possible to hear about medical malpractice. Instead I can attest the good care provided to me during my hospital stays at your structure.

Following several relapses of ameloblastoma to the mandible, I underwent a resection of the tissues affected by the disease and microsurgical mandible reconstruction with free fibular flap.

This procedure, due to its complexity, required the establishment of a multidisciplinary team directed by Prof. Fabio Santanelli (Plastic Surgery Unit, Sant'Andrea Hospital, Rome).

The outcome was excellent, thanks to the professionalism and spirit of cooperation of the consultants involved; persons of high moral and cultural stature, with a vast sense of humanity, and allow me to say: SAINTHOOD NOW!...because they make miracles while alive!

I wish to highlight the professionalism, helpfulness, but overall the sense of humanity that characterized the multidisciplinary team, including the nursing team, to whom I am grateful. I affirm that benevolence and kindness are the best therapies for a patient.

I hope that your structure will keep up with its excellent reputation, for the benefit of whoever needs its services.


Maria Teresa

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