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“Oncoplasty” is a medical word related to surgical procedures used to remove tumors and to achieve best aesthetic result possible, conservative or reconstructive, on the affected body area. Within oncoplasty procedures, this web site want to show those releted to breast cancer, in particular the procedure known as “Wise pattern” (from the United States surgeon Rober J. Wise, first presenting on 1956) and its modification invented by Prof. Santanelli.

As previously mentioned in this web site, when following the clinical investigation from the phisicians it is possible to resect the tumor by removing only part of the breast gland, then a quadrantectomy is performed. The word is releted to the description of the breast mound as a clock quadrant divided into four equal sections, two superiors and two inferiors. By mean of a quadrantectomy, only one section, the one including the tumor is removed.

Tumors located into inferior quadrants are easy to be resected with this procedure, while untill few years agò it was more demanding to resect those located into superior quadrants. It was usually hesitating in the decolleté area a more or less visible hollowness. This problem has been solved by the procedure "modified Wise pattern" described by Santanelli, achieving results similar to the one obtained with the resections from the inferior quadrants.


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  • Resection of tumor located in lower quadrants.
  • Result after resection and reshaping of the residual gland.
  • Oncoplastic technique for tumors located in upper quadrants.
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