Surgical Results

DIEP - 1

Francesca, 62 years old, underwent left breast reconstruction with DIEP flap, nipple reconstruction, and, simultaneously, contralateral breast adjustment.
The patient's optimal scarring process led to almost invisible scars on the breast and on the abdomen after one year from the procedure (do not confuse scars with the red marks caused by the pantyhose).


DIEP - 2

Stefania underwent left breast reconstruction with DIEP flap and left nipple reconstruction, without contralateral breast adjustment, at the age of 43. Picture 2 was taken after four years from the first procedure. In this lapse of time she gained weight and both breasts naturally fattened up, even the one reconstructed with the DIEP flap.


DIEP - 3

Daniela, previously operated for radical mastectomy according to Halsted e subsequent radiotherapy, decided for delayed DIEP flap breast reconstruction because in the hospital where she was for the breast cancer treatment it was not possible to performe immediate DIEP flap, that she did not want to renounce.


Latissimus Dorsi flap with prostheses

Fiammetta underwent left breast reconstruction with Latissimus Dorsi flap and left nipple reconstruction, without need for contralateral breast adjustment, at the age of 46. In picture 2, taken after one year from the procedure, her tan and tan marks are clearly visible.



Latissimus Dorsii flap with fat grafting

Antonella, soffering a left breast cancer and BRCA positive, underwent bilateral nipple-sparing mastectomy and  reconstruction with Latissimus Dorsi flap with immediate 360 ml fat grafting harvested from the abdomen.



TDAP flap

Francesca, 57 years old, affected by breast cancer, was operated on nipple sparing mastectomy i.e. sparing the nipple, areola and breast skin. Simultaneously underwent breast reconstruction with autologus tissues (TDAP fla). Post-op picture shows the natural result one year after surgery.


Expander and Prosthesis

Maria Paola underwent left breast reconstruction with the two-stage expander and prosthesis technique, with left nipple reconstruction and contralateral breast's shape adjustment (mastopexy), at the age of 37. In picture 2 notice that the breasts have a different inframammary crease. The left one, hosting the prosthesis, is a little less natural.



Antonella underwent left "nipple sparing" mastectomy i.e. saving beast skin and nipple and areola complex. Tree month later she started lipofilling sessions (nr.3) under local anaesthesy with mild sedation, where it was harvest adipose tissue thrugh liposuction from the unaesthetic excess fatty thigh area to transplant it on the left cestwall so to reconstruct the breast.


Breast augmentation

Diana at the age of 21. In the preoperative picture she presents a severe hypomastia. In the picture on the right notice the normalisation achieved after insertion of an anatomical implant (280g), positioned underneath the pectoralis muscle through an incision along the inframammary crease.


Breast reduction

Maria Francesca, 27 years old, in the picture on the left presents a considerable increase in breast volume (gigantomastia) that involves considerable cervical pain and infections in the inframammary fold, as well as a significant discomfort in ordinary life. In the picture on the right notice the results achieved after correction with breast volume reduction and reshaping of the breast. Thanks to the technique used, nipples and areolas kept their sensibility and their ability to breastfeed.



Antonella, 32 years old, in the preoperative picture presents an excessive nasal size. In the picture on the right notice the normalisation of the facial profile after rhinoplasty with reduction of the nasal pyramid and reshaping of the tip of the nose.



Francesca, 32 years old, in the preoperative picture presents, after pregnancy, excessive adipose accumulation in the trochanteric areas and on the medial side of the knees. In the postoperative picture notice the correction of the gluteal and thigh regions after tridimensional liposculpture. Notice the effect of lower limbs "lenghtening".


Cervico-facial lifting

Cristina 50 years old, she underwent cervicofacial ritidectomy, in the preoperative view on the left is possible to notice face and neck skin relaxation with deep nasolabial fold and lateral eyebrow ptoses. In the postoperative view on the right, is visible the soft tissues lifting of the face and neck, disappearence of nasolabial groove and correction of lateral eyebrow ptoses, which allow for a consistent facial rejuvination.



Eleonora, 45 years old manager, decided to undergo a superior and inferior blepharoplasty to refresh her look. In the preoperative picture above, is possible to notice an excess of skin to the superior and inferior eyelids also with inferior bags. In the postoperative picture below, is visible the superior and inferior skin reduction and the flattening to the lower eyelid with a rejuvinate look.


Sonia, was affected from birth by a congenital defect of the innervation of the levator eyelid muscle (congenital blepharoptosis), presenting with a reduced opening of the right eyelid. She underwent eyelid suspension to the check ligament of the conjuntiva fornix, with a complete and permanent correction.

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