International Breast Surgery Workshop

Incontro scientifico a cadenza biennale, destinato a medici chirurghi interessati del settore, con lo scopo di fornire gli aggiornamenti in chirurgia ricostruttiva ed estetica della mammella, in particolare per approfondire le problematiche degli interventi, con l’obiettivo di rendere note le soluzioni migliori e far progredire le tecniche.

L’incontro medico scientifico è solitamente patrocinato dal Ministero della Salute, dall’European Association of Plastic Surgeons (Euraps), dalla Società italiana di chirurgia plastica, ricostruttiva ed estetica (Sicpre), dall’Associazione dei chirurghi plastici dell’Italia centrale (Acpic) e dalla Società Italiana di Microchirurgia (SIM).

1st International Breast Surgery Workshop, “From Mastectomy to Replacement of the Breast: Perspective and Advances” Roma, Castello della Castelluccia, 23-24 Gennaio 2009;

2nd International Breast Surgery Workshop “Problems, complications and safety”, Ministero della Salute, Via G. Ribotta 5, Roma, 14-15 Gennaio 2011;

3rd International Breast Surgery Workshop, Joint Meeting con la Swedish Associations of Plastic Surgeons, Ministero della Salute, Via G. Ribotta 5, Roma, 26-27 Aprile 2013.

4th International Breast Surgery Workshop, Joint Meeting con la British Association of Plastic Surgeons, Ministero della Salute, Via G. Ribotta 5, Roma 17-18 Aprile 2015.

5th International Breast Surgery Workshop, Joint Meeting con la Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery, Ministero della Salute, Via G. Ribotta 5, Roma 28-29 Aprile 2017

Presidente prof. Fabio Santanelli di Pompeo. (Univ. Sapienza)


General Info


Ministry of Health, Via G. Ribotta 5, 00144 Rome


Eurotraining S.r.l., Via B. Bosco 57/9, 16121 Genova, Via di Monserrato 25, 00186 Roma

Tel: (+39) 01042064090 [email protected],


Rome, by far one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world, needs no introduction. Caput Mundi during the Roman Empire, once the centre of the entire Western world, is like a living museum and it’s still an inexhaustible source of fascination that emanates from every corner: Colosseum, which held 10,000 spectators; the ruins of the ancient Forum, where Julius Caesar delivered many of his great speeches, the museums, the Vatican City, the squares of unparalleled beauty, the atmosphere in the streets of downtown with the noise, the steady stream of people, sounds and smells.

Known as the "Eternal City," Rome is the capital of Italy, with an uninterrupted history spanning two and a half thousand years. As one of the founding cities of western civilization, Rome is one of the greatest centres of the Classical, Renaissance, and Baroque art. 



Rome tourism official website:

Italian tourism official



Novotel Roma Eur (5 min walking distance) Viale dell'Oceano Pacifico, 153

Hotel Ibis Styles Roma Eur Via Massimiliano Massimo 15


The official language of the conference is English. Simultaneous translation will not be provided.


The Congress Secretariat and organizers cannot accept responsibility whatsoever for injury or damage involving persons and property during the meeting. Participants are advised to make their own arrangements with respect to health and travel insurance.


By air

The main airport, Leonardo da Vinci (also known as Fiumicino), is located 26km (15 miles) southwest of the city center. A train (Leonardo Express) runs between the airport and the central railway station, Stazione Termini. It operates every 30 minutes during rush hours. The trip takes 30 minutes and costs 14,00 euros. There is also a train that runs approximately every 15 minutes from the airport to the local stations of Trastevere, Ostiense and Tiburtina, and costs 11.00 euros.

There is also another airport, Ciampino. It is located 12km (8 miles) southeast of the city center and it’s well served by low cost airline companies.

A shuttle bus (Terravision/Sit) runs between the airport and the central railway station, Stazione Termini.

By train

Rome is the focus of the Italian railway network. Excellent Intercity service links Rome to every major town in Europe. Termini Station, the main railway station located right in the centre of the city, provides swift service to and from all points in the country.


From Roma Fiumicino Airport:

• By Leonardo Express train, which departs every 30 minutes to Termini station

• By taxi, the fee is around 45 euros.

From Roma Ciampino Airport:

• With the bus company Terravision or Sit shuttle bus to Termini station

• By taxi, the fee is around 30 euros.

From Termini station:

• Underground Line B, direction Laurentina, to Eur- Palasport stop; then    Bus 788 to Ministry of Health stop.

• Bus 744 to the stop Piazza dell’Agricoltura; then Bus 788 to Ministry of Health stop


The international code for Italy is +39. The local area code for Rome is 06. Below are the emergency telephone numbers for Italy. Simply dial these numbers from anywhere in the country. The general EU emergency number for any kind of emergency is 112.

Other emergency telephone numbers are 113 (Police / ambulance /fire); 118 (Ambulance /medical emergencies); 112 (Carabinieri); 115 (Fire brigade).


Rome is served by buses, 3 underground lines and local trains and coaches. Public transport in the city is managed by ATAC. The website includes route-planner and various public transport maps. You can buy tickets at the ticket offices, at the automatic machines in many underground stations or on some buses and trams (not everyone), in some shops, tobaccos and newspapers shops. A single ticket costs 1.5 € and lasts 100 minutes from the initial validation, but includes only one way travel on the metro lines. See here for other ticket options (multiple tickets and tickets from 24hrs up to a week). 


In general, banks are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm and in the afternoon from 2:45 to 3:45 pm or 3:00 to 4:00 pm.


The official currency in Italy is the Euro. Major credit cards are widely accepted.


The electrical system in Italy is 220 volts. To use 120 volt appliances both, a transformer and an adapter plug, are needed.


Some participants may require an entry VISA for Italy. Participants are requested to consult the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their home country or with their travel agency for specific details relating to visa requirements.

On request, a letter of invitation can be issued by the organizing secretariat. For more info:

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