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Cristina di anni 50, è stata sottoposta a lifting cervico-facciale, nella foto preoperatoria a sinistra si nota il rilassamento cutaneo del viso e del collo, con i profondi solchi nasogenieni e la caduta della coda del sopracciglio. Nella foto postoperatoria a destra si nota il sollevamento dei tessuti molli del viso e del collo, con la scomparsa dei solchi nasogenieni ed il sollevamento della coda del sopracciglio, che consente un ringiovanimento consistente di tutto il volto.

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Healing is a process that can be considered complete when, finally, you might recognize yourself into your own body, despite unavoidable changes...

In the last decades Plastic Surgery, has become part of the oncologic treatment protocol, as the importance of the reconstructive stage following resection of a diseased body part has been universally recognized. Concerning breast tumor, most advanced hospitals set up a “Breast Unit”, multidisciplinary functional unit composed by different specialists who cooperate to offer to the patient the best opportunity available from medical science, to contrast tumor disease and return to normal life.

There are several breast reconstructive procedures, even though expander and prosthesis is the most known. This web-site is dedicated to women undergoing mastectomy and willing to know all reconstructive opportunities. Main goal is to present “autologous” procedures using live tissues from the patient itself as a sort of “auto-transplant”. Advances in vascular microsurgery and in peri-operative patient care have allowed for outstanding steps forward to restore the female body image.

Once all aspects have been taken into proper consideration, a woman should be assisted during choice with broad information, evaluating pro and cons among any surgical procedure, so she can decide what is best for her.